Gestures Around the World

Gestures around the world are all different, they all mean different things. They might have the same hand sigh but it might mean something very different if you look at it from different perspectives. This shows how unique our cultures are and how different we can be in the simplest way due to the environment we have been raised in. They all allow us to communicate in a unique non-verbal way.

We other cultures commonly have non-verbal gestures that are unique and can confuse people in the western world. In this article it talks about how people in the US perceive different gestures from around the world and how the in other countries can be perceived as rude or disrespectful while in the US they wouldn’t be. What the US considerers a “peace sign” that became very popular during the hippie era, if you reverse your hand in the UK, Brazil, and South Africa it is considered a rude gesture. Another prime example of how the western media perceives things differently is what is commonly known as the “come to me gesture”, in which you hold your hand out towards the person and motion your finger back and forth can get you arrested in the Philippines. In the Arab world we also commonly have our gestures be confused by the people in the western world. If we clap our hands and push our palms out, it can be an insulting gesture, while in the western world it wouldn’t be thought much off. Also as told in this prezi, hand holding is usually considered a sign of formal friendship between two men and not of a romantic gesture which is how it is considered the western world. The last is example is what we usually think off the “ok” sign due to the western influences in Japan it is considered a sign of money. Which is different from what we commonly use our thumb, first and middle finger and the tips together to talk about money. Cultures tend to change from one another and the gestures along with the cultures change.

In conclusion all cultures are different and are uniquely different from each other. We in our local areas have been taught these to make communication simple and more expressive than just speaking. To show different emotions and different say things without words. Gestures are different from all around the world, and its apart of what makes us all different and unique from each other.

Photo Credit: Peter Gerdes via Compfight cc



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